'SOLGARVE HI-DEFINITION' exclusively represents'C4sun' HD shade sails in the Algarve, Portugal.
Higold's high-profile collection offers you eye-catching furniture for patio's, terraces, gardens and pools.
Suitable for creating a luxurious style.
C4Sun electrically furling shade sail systems are individually manufactured, high-quality sun- and rain protection solutions,
deployable all year round. Every C4sun shade sail system is a one-of-a-kind product.
C4sun - the range
elips4sun square4sun cross square4sun line
C4sun - the technique

handcrafted sails

'clouth' profiles

The fabric for every shade sail is cut to the exact dimensions you require, then handcrafted and assembled into a highly durable system.

Our arching sails, create a unique sense of spaciousness. The key to this feature is the use of special, handcrafted battens enclosed in the fabric, known as 'Clouth profiles'.

All masts are equipped with an internal wind pressure relief mechanism and internal weights. All masts are also available in V4A stainless steel.

C4sun - the videos
demo video stormy conditions sunny conditions

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