'SOLGARVE HI-DEFINITION' exclusively represents 'HIGOLD EXCELLENT OUTDOOR'in the Algarve, Portugal.
Higold's high-profile collection offers you eye-catching furniture for patio's, terraces, gardens and pools.
Suitable for creating a luxurious style.
collection SOPHIA
HD lounge sets

As the name Sophia indicates, this collection tells more stories about wisdom. With special arrangements of each curved and bold corner, it is easy to feel both longevity and elegance. There is a brushed aluminum line going through the metal structure, which makes the design shine like bright star.

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lounge set #LS4

• 2 seater sofa 1580*790*760

• 2x arm chair 790*895*760

• coffee table 800*1200*350

• price € 2.390,-




lounge corner set #CL4

• outside size: 2565*2460

• height: 790 depth: 790

• coffee table 800*1200*350

• price €

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