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Discover the innovative IDM
the intelligent drying system by Pinifarina

Drying (company) clothing, textiles or linen, refreshing them or making them bacteria-free? The IDM can do it.
The IDM stands for Intelligent Drying Machine and introduces an entirely new way of drying. It allows smart technology, durability and flexibility to merge into an intelligent, space-saving design drying rack. Specially developed for hospitality, leisure, care & education, but already the professional wannahave for various industries and/or your own (holiday) home.

90% energy-saving compared
to a traditional drying machine.
Fresh within 2 hours.
Disinfected within 30 minutes.





Intelligent innovation

The IDM is a new, innovative way of (hanging) drying. And that has its advantages. The technology is based on intelligent air circulation combined with antibacterial UV-lamps. Ideal for (company) clothing, bar & kitchen linen, bed linen, bath towels or small textiles.


For who

The IDM has been specially developed for companies and institutions that are operating in the field of:

  • Leisure (Hospitality, holiday parks, bungalow parks)
  • Lifestyle (Wellness sector, boat builders, yacht owners)
  • Learning (Educational institutions, practical training, institutes)
  • Living (Care institutions, (holiday) homes, expat housing)


Living, working & living spaces are becoming smaller & more compact and require smart solutions. Managing available space effectively and efficiently is a hot topic. Companies and/or institutions want to increase their level of service and create an appropriate experience. Themes such as energy efficiency, sustainability, smart building and hygiene are high priority. Within hospitality, care, education & leisure, but also within the housing market. This calls for new product innovations such as IDM.
Energy efficiency - save money!

Thanks to the technology is based on intelligent air circulation combined with antibacterial UV-lamps is highly energy efficient.

On full drying power the IDM only consumes 2x7W per hour!
So per cycle of 2 hours a total of only 28W or 0,028kWh
Conventional wash dryers consume between 0,80kWh and 2,85kWh.

Choose your favourite

The IDM is available in four different colours

Silver Grey
Champagne Gold
Spicy Red
Royal Blue

IDM Multihanger 

Would you like to go for the complete Next level drying experience? Then add the IDM Multihanger pack to your intelligent, space-saving design drying rack. With 7 extra drying racks, 15 strong drying hooks and clips; the perfect addition and accessory for small textiles.

IDM - the Intelligent Drying Machine


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The IDM can be seen in working order in our shop in Lagoa.

Obviously you can order your machine there, or alternatively
by the order now button above.

For bulk orders, please contact us.
IDM drying machine
€ 599,-
IDM multihanger
€ 40,-
prices incl. 23% IVA (VAT)  

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