'SOLGARVE HI-DEFINITION' exclusively represents 'HIGOLD EXCELLENT OUTDOOR'in the Algarve, Portugal.
Higold's high-profile collection offers you eye-catching furniture for patio's, terraces, gardens and pools.
Suitable for creating a luxurious style.
collection CHAMPION
HD lounge sets - dining sets -bar sets - sunloungers
A kind of special comfort can be reached by being seated on Champion collection. Both the seater and the back are with super soft foam inside to give body a reason to relax. Each sewing line is able to leave space for air to recycle. Champion will bring you to an outdoor world full of wonder and joy.


lounge set #LS4

• 2 seater sofa 750*1450*565

• 2x arm chair 750*800*565

• coffee table 1200*700*405

• price € 2.450,-

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lounge set #LS5

• 3 seater sofa 750*2100*565

• 2x arm chair 750*800*565

• coffee table 1200*700*405

• price € 2.650,-

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dining set #DS6
(6 chairs, not 4 as on picture)

• 6x arm chair 625*555*865

• dining table 2000*1000*750

• price € 2.500,-




sunlounger #SL1

• 1990*930*915

• price € 990,-

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