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page 2: 'Bahama' HD parasols
Solgarve now exclusively represents Bahama professional parasols.
High quality, made in Germany .

Since 1950, we have concerned ourselves with designing and manufacturing architectural fabric structures, particularly top elegant ultra-sized collapsible-type standing umbrellas [parasols] that must withstand unusually high wind load when in unfolded configuration.

Traditional BAHAMA customers have since been the worldwide hospitality industry, architectural firms, public and clerical administrations, hospitals, schools, universities, etc. and, last but not least, shipbuilding yards. For 30 years, the proprietary name BAHAMA has been standing for high-end collapsible umbrella structures.

And: We manufacture all of our various structures in our own full-range production facilities in Germany.
BAHAMA 'EASY' – the heart of it all

Easy is our entry-level model. This large parasol has an excellent price-to-performance ration while meeting the high demand of a professional large sized parasol. This is attractive for both commercial as well as private customers.


  • Cost effective despite professional features
  • Telescopic opening and closing for increased ground clearance
  • Quick handling
  • Easy to use
  • An elegant lightweight frame with a long durable life span
  • Parasol weight approx. 17-25 kg
  • Modern, high-quality aluminum finish
  • No loose functional parts like ropes, cranks or connectors
  • Locking handle for optimal fabric tension
  • Component parts suitable for replacement
  • Fast spare parts delivery
  • Maintenance-free product
Bahama Easy 310
Ø 3.10 m = 7.50 m² 3.10x3.10m = 9.60 m²
Bahama Easy 400
Ø 4.00 m = 11.80 m² 4.00x4.00m = 16.00 m²
 € 1.249,-
with valance + € 140,-

€ 1.299,-
with valance + € 180,-

  € 1.399,-
with valance + € 200,-

€ 1.539,-
with valance + € 210,-
newly added sizes for 2018:

Bahama Easy 250
Ø 2.50 m € 1.189 / with valance+ € 110,-
2.50x2.50m € 1.269,- / with valance + € 150,-

Bahama Easy 350
Ø 3.50 m € 1.299 / with valance+ € 160,-
3.50x3.50m € 1.399,- / with valance + € 200,-

€ 239,- n.a. € 449,-
Perfection in every detail.

For over decades, design and technique
of BAHAMA EASY structures have
continually been optimized in every detail
and aspect.

Safety, functionalism, easy operation and,
last but not least, aesthetics have always
been the predominant goals to our designers
and engineers.

download Bahama Easy brochure (pdf file 1,1Mb)
Bahama Easy Gallery
NOTE: this page shows our private sales prices, IVA (VAT) included, unless otherwise stated.
Professional users (hospitality etc.) please contact us for a quotation!
BAHAMA 'JUMBRELLA' – architectural-design structures for a successful outdoor F & B operation.

»BAHAMA JUMBRELLA«, our most extensive mfg. line comprises 13 different models, all of them tailored to the special requirements of the demanding hospitality industry.


Particularly the square and rectangular-shaped models, if arranged adjacent to each other, are suitable to form large-space shelters, be it to protect from rain and cool in zones of moderate climate, or from sun in the hot climate of southerly, subtropical or even equatorial countries.

All JUMBRELLA models have been tested, same applying to the various options of built-in electrotechnical equipment such as »Light«, »Heater« or »Sound«.

Bahama Jumbrella range
prices from € 1.698,- (+ IVA)
Bahama Jumbrella footing devices
(quick overview, see brochure for all details)
Bahama Jumbrella Gallery
Bahama Jumbrella options:
thumb large

BAHAMA 'Print'
The all-weather umbrella with printed membrane –
a large outdoor commercial that does not escape notice.


thumb large

BAHAMA 'Light'
makes outdoor terraces more appealing after dark, and creates a cosy atmosphere under the umbrellas.


thumb large

BAHAMA 'Magic' unrivalled: Indirect lighting based on RGB/LED technique.


thumb large

BAHAMA 'Heater'
to create an agreeable climate that makes guests tarry, thus
extending the outdoor season and revenues.


thumb large

BAHAMA 'Sound'
the JUMBRELLA frame-contained audio technique, either mono or stereo. To create a cultivated atmosphere on the outdoor terrace.


thumb large
BAHAMA 'Wireless TV'
protected from glare and weather – for HoReCa operators to offer their outdoor guest audiences more than just food & beverages.

download Bahama Jumbrella brochure (pdf file 2,8Mb)
NOTE: this page shows our private sales prices, IVA (VAT) included, unless otherwise stated.
Professional users (hospitality etc.) please contact us for a quotation!
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